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Dwayne E Smith, Ph.D, LPCC

Most of us at some point encounter life dilemmas, problematic behavioral patterns, or relationship difficulties that can cause us to feel pretty stuck. Whether it be anxiety and panic, depressive symptoms, job stresses, relationship struggles, or a desire to strengthen your self confidence, getting assistance with these and other difficulties from an experienced clinician can prove pretty helpful. I have been practicing as a psychotherapist for 31 years, and have conducted several thousand therapy sessions in the past 20 years in my practice in Dublin. At this stage in my career, I work primarily with adults and their concerns, although I also still work with young adults and occasionally teenagers. I work with a wide variety of problems. I believe people posses the ability to create change for themselves, and that even the most long term and intractable problem patterns can over time be changed or at least managed more effectively. I believe psychotherapy is essentially about solving problems and can be very useful, in large part by helping people to “view their situation differently” or “do their situation differently.” If you would be interested in counseling services with me, please give me a call or send me a text message. I promise to take our work seriously. However, since having a sense of humor is sometimes important in the process of deciding how to address life's difficulties, I also promise to look for ways to laugh, with you, at some of the complexities and absurdities of life.

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